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MASCOT I.E. Co., Ltd is a privately owned company founded in 2006 by senior chemists and marketing experts, located in Changzhou City, China.

We specialize in providing chemicals - particularly in the electronic and pharmaceutical industry. Our expertise lies in sourcing, developing, and producing API & INTERMEDIATES, Polyimide Monomer, OPC, OLED, as well as supplying a wide range of fine chemicals. Mainly including: Bronic acid/ester, Carbazole, Fluorene, Anthracene, Naphthaline, Aniline derivatives, and advanced materials.

Our company has been committed to technology innovation, and process improving, while focusing on the development of new products. We have a brand new standard R & D center, and have established friendly partner-ship with several OEM plants in China. Various sizes of glass-lined reactor systems permit batch sizes from lab-scale, through semi-bulk to large scale. Our extensively experienced R&D team takes pleasure in accepting our customer’s challenges and delivering fast, flexible, customized and innovative solutions and products. Our efficient Sourcing department is at our customer’s disposal to find fine and rare chemicals through our extensive network.

We have always been implementing the concept of sustainable development. We strive to achieve shorter development cycles, reduce research costs, and use the Earth's resources in a more efficient way to create more value for our customers and other related body. With the development of science, we continuously pour fresh vigor into the electronic and pharmaceutical industry.

OLED&OPC&Polyimide Monomer